Stow-Away's secondary  logo - features a stylised text graphic saying "Stow Away" in a black text centred on a turquoise semi-circle. Stow-Away is London's Eco-friendly Apart-Hotel located in the heart of London's creative and Arts district' South Bank.
September 2020

new london architecture

new london awards 2020 shortlist

We are really pleased to have been shortlisted for a New London Award for 2020. We have been shortlisted for the "Welcoming" category, of which the winners will be announced on 2nd November 2020. We are also in the "Peoples Choice" prize category, which you can vote for us...
September 2019

age of plastic (podcast)

how sustainable is your holiday?

What does it take to make a hotel sustainable? Do we even consider sustainability enough when it comes to our holidays? Find out from one half of Stow-Projects - Charlie Fulford who helped create STOW AWAY HOTEL in London’s Waterloo. Stow Away don’t have plastic filled mini bars, has solar panels on the roof, no plastic miniatures and you won’t end up going home with a plastic key card either..
July 2020

the telegraph (UK)

stow-away review

" A series of repurposed shipping containers are stacked on top of each other to create this central London apart-hotel with sleek studios and a buzzy wine bar meets restaurant. Remote check-in and a mobile app system allow for guests to come and go as they please. "

serviced apartment awards

stow-away picked up two SA Awards in 2019...

In 2019 we took part in the Serviced Apartment Awards, the only awards to exclusively recognise excellence across the serviced apartment, extended stay, aparthotel, and short term rental sectors. Then in its fourth year, it had received hundred of entries from around the world. These were reviewed by a panel of independent judges which included journalists, architects, designers, investors, consultants and travel buyers.
October 2019


stacked shipping containers form stow-away London...

Design studio Doone Silver Kerr turned a stack of used shipping containers into a hotel and wine bar with a geometric facade of welded fins that function as sunshades.

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