If you hadn’t gathered by now, environmental sustainability is very close to our hearts. For what use is our wonderful building, if the world in which it sits grows ugly? Collectively here at Stow-Away, we understand and embrace the responsibility we have to operate with strong consideration for our environment. We celebrate the wonderful location in which we have built Stow-Away: South Bank and not only want to be considered as “good neighbours” but leaders in sustainable living.

sustainable building

We're built to be sustainable from the ground up!
Our building is made from repurposed shipping containers and so is the ultimate recycled building!

To read more about our building materials and building process, please see building link below.
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solar power

We have solar panels on our building's roof, which generate electricity for use on site or export to the grid.

heat recovery

We have a heat recovery system that recycles excess heat from the air conditioning system into the hot water so helping to reduce overall energy consumption. 

eco wall lining

Our rooms are lined with eco friendly timber cladding.

100% renewable electricity

Ecotricity provides all our energy from 100% renewable sources. 

l.e.d lighting

All our lighting is low energy and LED. 

waste recycling

All our waste from the hotel and the on site restaurant is recycled - such as plastic, glass and paper.  We work with First Mile who are leading the way in this field.  

Recycling bins are placed in all our rooms to make it easier for our guests to separate their waste.   

waste reduction

To avoid unnecessary washing of towels and linen these are only washed every 7 days for long stay guests. However if you need clean towels please let the concierge know via the App or telecoms system so we can arrange that for you.

We don’t provide minibars with products that often go to waste and are usually wrapped in plastic.

We place notes in our rooms asking guests to consider the environment and to switch everything off when they go out for the day.  

removal of single-use plastics

Absolutely no miniatures!  All our rooms have large refillable bottles for shampoo and shower gel. 

We have removed as much single use plastic as possible and are continuing to strive towards removing all single use plastic. 

localised sustainability

We encourage our guests to use the amenities on offer in the local area (restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, markets etc) and thereby contributing to wider economic sustainability. 

trees for cities

For every direct booking made through our website we will plant a tree in the UK with our charity partner Trees For Cities. Trees for Cities is a UK charity which aims to plant urban trees and create greener cities.

Since 1993 Trees for Cities have planted over 1,000,000 trees across parks, streets, woodlands, schools, hospitals and housing estates. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with them and helping to do our bit.

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