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Our Stow-Away: South Bank design focuses on space-efficient models that deliver improved ergonomics in a stylish and eco-friendly way.

Back in 2016 we discovered this piece of land, owned by the national rail operator, had been left vacant following bomb damage in WWII. We introduced to them a modular concept which they loved and soon after the stacked shipping container design was born. In November 2018 our dream became a reality when the apart hotel opened to the public.

Our whole building is recyclable and the building has been very well received for its ambitious and creative design by many local businesses and residents alike. We were honoured to receive international acclaim at the serviced apartments awards in 2019, click this link for further details.

The rooms sizes and layouts led us to develop a very efficient 18.4m2 room which we wanted to keep warm, welcoming, elegant yet simple with some luxury touches: ultra comfort Hypnos ™ mattresses approved by the Queen, marble tiles and Molton Brown toiletries.

our building

building sustainably

For our South Bank site we choose materials to support the land, the environment and the ecosystem in the area. Our goal is to have a positive impact and so our 26 shipping containers that make up Stow-Away: South Bank were recycled and repurposed.

Our roof is fitted with solar panels which transfer any excess electricity not used in the building back into the national grid. Our Samsung air conditioning and hydro units recycle and recirculate energy between the heating and hot water systems, and by doing so create real energy efficiency and reducing any unnecessary waste.

We're conscious about our environmental footprint and aim to be as carbon neutral as possible. You can read our Environmental Sustainability commitment below.
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