Stow-Away's secondary  logo - features a stylised text graphic saying "Stow Away" in a black text centred on a turquoise semi-circle. Stow-Away is London's Eco-friendly Apart-Hotel located in the heart of London's creative and Arts district' South Bank.
Bridge Street manage the booking process for us, when your booking is complete we will contact you with all of the information for your check-in, check-out and your stay with us.

When you click 'book now' from the booking page, you will be taken to Bridge Street's website to complete the booking and make a payment for your room reservation.

Below you can find links to the terms and conditions of your booking with us, booked via Bridge Street. Please note clicking on the booking buttons and and the following links below will take you to Bridge Street's website which is run separately and externally from our own.

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