Stow-Away's secondary  logo - features a stylised text graphic saying "Stow Away" in a black text centred on a turquoise semi-circle. Stow-Away is London's Eco-friendly Apart-Hotel located in the heart of London's creative and Arts district' South Bank.

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Our South Bank Apart-Hotel is nestled in the heart of London’s cultural district. We’re close by the Thames, in the very heart of the Capital, in the South Bank / Waterloo area.
stow-away south bank
137 Lower Marsh
020 7719 7000
07900 391 543

contact us & our location

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Exterior shot of Stow-Away South Bank, close up of London's Boris-Bikes.  London Eco-friendly Apart-Hotel. Photo by Jamie Melville Ormston commissioned by Stow-Away via KOH-CREATE. CopRight Stow-Away 2020, all rights reserved.
A white circle used as a background for the image galleries on Stow-Away's website. Cycling through images of London's Eco-friendly Apart-Hotel.
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